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The utility is not designed to be used as a main Dr.Web software uninstallation tool. Dr.Web Remover utility is a damaged Dr.Web version emergency removal tool. The anti-virus is recommended to be uninstalled with the standard Windows tools.

If the installed version of Dr.Web Anti-virus was damaged for some reasons and cannot be removed in a regular way — please use the Dr.Web Remover emergency removal utility. Run Dr.Web Remover, enter the code from the CAPTCHA (it is necessary in order to confirm that is the user, not application, who attempts to remove antivirus) and press Remove.

Like any other program, Dr.Web Anti-virus can be removed with standard operating system tools:

  • In Windows 2000/XP: From Menu–>Control Panel–>Add/Remove programs.
  • In Windows Vista/7: From Menu–>Control Panel–>Programs and Features.

If you were unable to remove the anti-virus in such a way, please use a special Dr.Web Remover utility, which can be downloaded here.

Dr.Web Remover is intended to be used to delete the results of incorrect/damaged installations of Dr.Web for Windows. The supported versions are 4.33, 4.44, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0. The utility can also be used with the same versions of Dr.Web Enterprise Suite client software when standard removal tools are not available or do not work.


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