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If you have Windows XP

We recommend that you update your anti-virus to version 11.5.

If you have a different OS,
other than Windows XP

We recommend that you update the anti-virus to the latest version (you can check what the latest available version is in the Download Wizard).

1. Download the latest Dr.Web version.

In the browser address bar, type The Download Wizard will appear. Enter your serial number and registered email address, and click on the Download button. In the newly appeared window, the download option for Windows and Android is already selected, so you can just click on the Send button.

2. In the next step, select version 11.5 and download it.

2. In the next step, select the latest version and download it.

3. Remove your outdated version of Dr.Web.

Sequentially, select Start → Search.

In the newly appeared window, enter Control Panel.

Next, depending on the Control Panel view and your Windows version, select Remove Programs, Add and Remove Programs, or Programs and Features.

After making a list of installed software, select the anti-virus and click on Remove.

Follow the instructions of the Removal Wizard. During the removal process, you will be prompted to save the settings you made earlier. We recommend that you save them..

! If the anti-virus is not on the list of installed software or for some reason was not completely uninstalled, we recommend that you use the uninstall utility at

4. Install the previously downloaded Dr.Web distribution package.

During installation, specify your license.

The key is downloaded and installed into the program automatically.


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