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  1. Try to recall the password by picking several of the most likely possibilities. Take note of each attempt you make, and don't try more than 5-7 times. You only get 10 attempts to restore your password.
  2. Contact some of your friends whose numbers are on your "buddies" list, and ask them to send the SMS command #RESETPASSWORD# to your number. Once the password is reset, enter a new one, and make sure that you will remember it.
  3. If you are unable to contact any of your friends or your Anti-theft buddies list is empty, use the password-recovery service on Doctor Web's site.
  4. If you can't recover the password on your own, contact Doctor Web's technical support service. You will need to provide our support engineers with your license's serial number as well as documentation confirming that the locked device really belongs to you.


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