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Before you start installing Dr.Web Security Space, review the system requirements (see system requirements for version 12.0). In addition, we recommend that you:

  • install all critical updates released by Microsoft for your operating system (read more about the Windows updating process);
  • if the manufacturer has discontinued support for your operating system, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version of the operating system;
  • use system tools to check the file system and fix discovered problems;
  • remove any other anti-virus programs to prevent their components from possibly conflicting with Dr.Web’s components;
  • if you are going to install Dr.Web Firewall, you need to remove other firewalls from your system;
  • close all running applications.

Dr.Web’s installation must be performed by a user who has administrative privileges on the given computer.

Dr.Web is incompatible with proactive protection products from other manufacturers.

The installation instructions for standard mode (using both the installation file and the Dr.Web CD) can be found in the documentation here.


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