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Trusted SIM cards — this is the list of SIM cards you use on your device. By default, if Dr.Web Anti-theft detects a SIM card that is not on its trusted list, it will block access to the device. In this case, if your device gets stolen and your SIM card is replaced, no one will be able to use the device. If one trusted SIM card gets replaced with another one on the list, the Anti-theft won't lock your device.

The card is identified by its unique ICCID identification number (this is the SIM card number in international format). You can see it on your SIM card or on the card on which it was delivered. You can also find out the SIM ID using special programs available on Google Play.

Each SIM card's ID is unique—unlike a phone number, which can be changed. There is no universal way to find out the ID that corresponds to a cardholder's phone number.

You can edit the trusted list at any moment by entering a name for each SIM card on the list.


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