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Lists of frequently asked questions

  • New — the ticket has been created by the user, but it has not yet been processed by Doctor Web’s support engineers.
  • Acknowledged — the ticket is assigned to a Doctor Web support engineer for processing.
  • User response needed — the Doctor Web support engineer has replied to the user's question and now waits for the user to react to this answer or close the ticket to indicate that their question has been resolved.
  • Pending support response — the user has made an entry in the ticket and now awaits the support engineer's response.
  • Closed — the ticket is closed by the customer, the support engineer, or automatically. This means that the work it complete. The user can still open the ticket and read its notes.
  • Waiting for (development response / virus monitoring service response / partners department response) — the question cannot be resolved either partially or completely by the technical support engineers since it is not within their scope of competence. The question is forwarded to profile specialists, and the answer is awaited from them.
  • Waiting for updated component release — the technical support engineers cannot solve the issue, and a product update is required. The ticket is put into release standby mode, and the date of release depends on Doctor Web development department procedures.
  • Closed (decryption failed) — files corrupted by encryption ransomware cannot be recovered.
  • Closed (decryption success) — files corrupted by encryption ransomware were recovered.


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