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Use Dr.Web for file servers. It needs to be installed on the server where the folders are located. You can also scan these folders remotely over the network. This feature is included in the Dr.Web for workstations Anti-virus scanner, for example.

If you want to scan files remotely so that the anti-virus scanning does not affect the performance of the server on which the files are located, you can use Dr.Web for Unix file servers version 11.1. This product can send files to a remote server for testing and organize a scan cluster.

To remotely scan the server on which the controlled network folders are located, you must install the Dr.Web Spider Guard component. It will send all the files you select to the remote server for scanning. You do not need to install the anti-virus scanning module on this server, but it must be installed on the remote server.

The settings for scanning different folders may also vary.

Dr.Web UNIX file servers documentation. You can select which components you want to install during the installation process.


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