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  1. Click on the Dr.Web icon in the system tray, and in the Dr.Web menu, select Security Center.
  2. Click the padlock icon, allow the changes, and click on the gear icon (Settings).
  3. Go to the Update tab (or GeneralUpdate for version 11), and in the Update source section, click on Change.
  4. Specify the option Local or network folder (it contains the files of the created update mirror). For network folder, you need to specify a user name (account login) and password, if one has been set.





You can find out the name of the current computer in a variety of ways. The fastest one is the shortcut Win + Pause break. In the System Properties window – Computer name. You can also open the properties of any shortcut or file and go to the tab Details or Security. Another way to find out a local computer’s name is using the hostname command. You can find out the name of a remote computer by running ping with the parameter -a, for example: ping -a

In the Update source section, you can also select the option Anti-Virus Network. In the opened line, select the local address of the computer on which the Dr.Web product is installed and the update mirror is configured.


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