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One of SpIDer Gate’s tasks is to inform users that visiting some websites is dangerous or undesirable, for reasons that include the presence of “pirated” content. Dr.Web informs users about such websites because they are accompanied by malicious programs. Websites are included in the so-called Dr.Web “anti-piracy” database only on the basis of allegations made by content copyright holders. Each allegation is verified by Doctor Web’s lawyers before the decision is made to include the corresponding URL in the database. When users receive SpIDer Gate notifications concerning the undesirability of visiting pirated websites, they are getting objective, legally considered information about intellectual property infringement. Thus, Doctor Web helps users of its products:

  • avoid becoming the victims of criminals, who for their own selfish ends use others’ works and trademarks, and the fruits of others’ intellectual labours, for illegal purposes;
  • avoid potential criminal indictment for downloading, using, and further distributing pirated content;
  • protect PCs against infections occurring as a result of downloading unlicensed content that is accompanied by malicious programs.

Users make their own decisions as to whether it is worth visiting the websites they have been notified about. The SpIDer Gate component can be enabled or disabled at their discretion.


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