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Every day the Doctor Web virus monitoring service collects more than 250,000 new malicious programs, the most dangerous of which have been developed by professional virus writers who are members of criminal organizations. These programs focus on stealing money from single companies (or a series of “targeted” companies); the creators of these programs know what security systems are in use, and devise their malware accordingly.

It is commonly believed that by installing a protection system on a mail server, one can reduce the inflow of spam and the number of viruses in a company network, and speed the delivery of important emails. But apart from solving these problems, a modern mail server anti-virus also affords the opportunity to delete previously unknown malicious programs from mailboxes. Only by installing an anti-virus on a company mail server can one escape situations in which the server becomes a source of infection. An anti-virus can’t protect a server file system, because such anti-viruses can’t cure databases, including mail server databases.


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