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For version 5.0:

  1. Increase log file size up to 5 Megabytes. Right-click on the Dr.Web icon in the notifications area, select SpIDer Gate–>Settings, in the next window proceed to the Log tab and modify the File size limit field value.
  2. Right-click on the Dr.Web icon in the notifications area and select SpIDer Gate ->Disable.
  3. Press Start–>Run, copy one of the strings below to the Run field and launch SpIDer Gate:
    • "C:\Program Files\DrWeb\spidergate.exe" -dbg — enable verbose logging,
    • "C:\Program Files\DrWeb\spidergate.exe" -dbg -dbg — debug logging.

Version 6.0

Right-click on the Dr.Web icon in the notifications area and select SpIDer Gate–>Settings from the list (if this item is unavailable, you should first switch to the Administrator mode). In the next window, open the Log section and use the slider to set the Extended mode. Press Ok to confirm the changes made.

SpIDer Gate

Further, if required, you can reproduce the problem that must be analysed using the extended report. Please keep in mind that the Debug log is not always required because redundant information might complicate troubleshooting.


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