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To prevent a specific program from connecting to the Internet, you have to create a new rule. Click on the Dr.Web icon on the taskbar, select Security Center → Files and Network and click on the drweb lock.

In the UAC dialogue, click on Yes, and enter the administrator password, if necessary.

Select the Firewall section, and click on Change in the Application rules.

In the newly appeared window, click on the drweb plus icon to add a new rule.

In the next window, enter the path to the application's executable file, and then in the drop-down list Launching network applications, select the action you need:

  • Allow — when you try to run the network application, the firewall will allow this action.
  • Block — when you try to run the network application, the firewall will block this action.
  • Not specified — when you try to run the network application, the firewall will issue a request.

Then select the action you need from the Access to network resources list:

  • Allow all — any network activity will be allowed for the program.
  • Block all — any network activity will be blocked for the program.
  • Custom — you can manually configure all the parameters for the program’s network activity.
  • Not specified — every time the program tries to access the Internet, the firewall will issue a request before connecting.

Click OK to have your changes go into effect.

If the firewall is operating in interactive mode, there is no need to manually configure rules — it is easier to configure access for each application at the time of its initial network activity, directly from the firewall notification window.


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