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Lists of frequently asked questions

If your serial number is not registered

  • You can find your serial number in the email you received from the online store after you purchased your license. If you purchased your license in the Dr.Web eStore via your Doctor Web account and registered your license in the loyalty programme, your serial number will be stored in the My purchases service for the lifetime of your account;
  • If you purchased your license in a box, you can find your serial number printed on the License certificate;
  • The license seller can restore your serial number (except for boxed products).

If your serial number is registered

  • If Dr.Web is installed on your device — download this file and save it on the device. Double-click on the file. YourSerialNumber.txt will be created in the folder containing YSN.cmd. YourSerialNumber.txt will automatically open in the default text editor. All of your serial numbers will be recorded in this file, after “SN =”.
  • If Dr.Web is not installed on your device — restore the number on our website.
  • If you are using Dr.Web on a subscription basis — you do not need license key files or registration serial numbers. The required identifier (ID) is already imbedded in the code of the application installed on your workstation. You can find it in your Subscriber account area on your service supplier’s website. If you use Dr.Web via the SCC (you bought a subscription on Doctor Web's site), the subscription ID is located in the My subscriptions section.

If, after trying all relevant methods, you failed to restore your serial number, contact our technical support service. Attach to your request documents confirming that you are the rightful owner of the license as per these rules.


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