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The trial period has not expired, but the license has become invalid

  • The trial license is linked to the operating system checksum. You may have updated your operating system or other software, or you may have replaced your computer components, and the checksum changed.
  • The trial license is linked to the device's MAC address. You may have changed the MAC address and the license became invalid.

Contact Doctor Web's technical support or activate a new trial version using a different email address.

Unable to activate the license

  • Make sure your Mac is connected to the Internet.
  • If you use a proxy server, try to disable it and launch the update again. To start the update manually, select Update is required in the main Dr.Web window .
  • If the router is operating in “On-demand connection” mode, make sure that the connection is continuously active (maximum idle time is 0 minutes).

If you experience problems using Dr.Web that are not covered above, please contact Doctor Web's technical support. To help our specialists assist you quickly, please provide as much information about the problem as possible.


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