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Once the anti-virus is installed, a notification will appear, saying "Your permission is required to scan the file system":


The notification will appear after each device restart, and hourly thereafter, if ignored.

To grant permission for the scan, you should:

  1. Click on the Allow access button.
  2. In the Drive Access Permission Wizard, select “Open System Settings”:


  3. Drag the Dr.Web icon from the Drive Access Permission Wizard to the settings window:


In case the notifications were ignored, the Allow access button is added to the "General" settings section:


After clicking on this button, proceed as described above.

A special case when there is a drive access permission issue — the SpIDer Guard component is not activated on macOS Ventura. In this case:

  1. Remove the installed version of Dr.Web anti-virus.
  2. Install the latest version (for example, from the official website:
  3. Grant the necessary permissions according to the above instructions.


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