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Remote installation of .run packages is available via ssh for the following products (for more information refer to the documentation):

  • Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux
  • Dr.Web for UNIX File Servers

For Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Server (hereinafter, "Dr.Web Server") version 12.0 and later, select the appropriate check boxes in the repository settings. To enable this feature, an extra package (also known as an extra distribution kit) must be installed on Dr.Web Server version 11.0. Find out more about the extra package in the documentation.
Installation of the extra Dr.Web Server distribution kit is carried out according to the instructions and does not require the Server to be stopped.

To perform the installation in this way, you must be able to:

  • Connect to a remote station via ssh.
  • Elevate privileges on the remote station.

This installation method has two important restrictions:

  1. Remote installation of the Agent is not available on a computer running the Server from which the installation process is started.
  2. The installation time may exceed the duration of the session due to the large amount of data. If the session expires before the installation is complete, the process will be terminated automatically and the packages will not be installed.

Dr.Web Server's pre-configuration to receive .run packages:
The path to the required settings is shown in the example of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13.0.

  1. In the settings AdministrationGeneral repository configurationDr.Web installation packagesDr.Web corporate products, find the desired product on the list:
    • Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux
    • Dr.Web for UNIX File Servers.

    Next to the found product, select the appropriate check box (you are thus allowing it to be uploaded to the repository).

    Next, you need to expand its content and make sure that the check boxes for the required OSs (Linux, FreeBSD) and assemblies for the required platforms are selected.

    After that, .run packages can be distributed via http(s). Section address (https://*:9081/install/unix/workstation), where * is the address of Dr.Web Server.

    For more information about installing the universal package, refer to the official documentation..


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