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Lists of frequently asked questions

SpIDer Gate is not blocking sites that fall into certain categories

  • Make sure the SpIDer Gate tab's check box is selected next to the appropriate site category.
  • If the connection to the site was established before SpIDer Gate was launched, disable and enable SpIDer Gate and restart the browser.
  • Check whether the site uses a secure connection (in the case of a secure connection, a padlock is usually displayed in the browser address bar). If a secure connection is being used, in the Network tab, enable the Scan encrypted traffic option and restart the browser.
  • SpIDer Gate is not blocking sites that use an FTP/SPDY or HTTP/2.0 connection.

A certificate error message appears when the site is opened

  • An error may occur because some browsers and email clients do not access the system certificate store when receiving and transmitting encrypted traffic. In this case, install a Doctor Web certificate, which can be obtained by clicking on the Export button in the Network tab.
  • If the browser or email client was started immediately after installation, it may not have received a system security certificate. In this case, you need to restart the browser or email client.
  • The original server certificate may be unreliable. To verify this, disable SpIDer Gate and restart your browser or email client. If the error persists, it means that the certificate is unreliable. In this case, visiting this site is not recommended.

SpIDer Gate has blocked a needed site

The site may belong to a category of sites to which access is blocked. To access the site, add it to the exclusions list.


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