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Dr.Web Anti-virus can not only detect known malicious programs but also block the actions of the latest tools used by hackers. Dr.Web Preventive Protection monitors the requests all running programs make of various system resources and, with the help of special rules, identifies actions that are atypical of legitimate programs. In this case, the message indicates that an attempt was made to inject some code into a running process — legitimate programs rarely act in such a way.

Thus, Dr.Web Anti-virus has blocked hackers from using the computer’s unclosed vulnerability.

To avoid such situations, you need to install all the security updates released by Microsoft to date in the system where the malicious action is being detected. After this, reboot your PC.

You must also ensure that the Dr.Web components are up to date and that the virus databases show today’s date.

To detect threats, in the Dr.Web Preventive Protection settings, select Ask as the action for the option Integrity of running applications, and also enable exploit protection interactive mode.

Scan the infected computer using Dr.Web LiveDisk.

  1. Download the image of Dr.Web LiveDisk and record it on the appropriate removable media according to the instructions found on the webpage. It is better to download and record the image to a computer that is known to be clear of viruses.
  2. Boot the infected computer with the media containing Dr.Web LiveDisk.
  3. Close the automatically launched Dr.Web CureIt! utility.
  4. Check that an Internet connection is available; otherwise, configure it.
  5. Enter the command to check for updates and make sure that the update was successful.
  6. Once again, run Dr.Web CureIt! from this system and perform a full scan and a system curing.
  7. After Dr.Web CureIt! neutralises all detected threats, give the system the command to shut down; remove the Dr.Web LiveDisk media and then boot the system in normal mode and check whether the anti-virus has stopped detecting malicious actions.


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