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Anti-virus update downloads can include updated anti-virus databases as well as application files. In the latter case, a system restart may be required to apply the update. And in this case, the corresponding notification will appear.

The user can restart the system immediately—by closing all the running applications and pressing the Restart now button. They can also make the anti-virus show the notification later or schedule a system restart. To use either of the two latter options, first select Remind me later.

You can set the reboot time to occur within the next 24 hours.

Users are also able to restart the system on their own whenever they want. For example, go to Start → Shut down or sign out→ Restart/Shut down.

Important! Selecting the option to enter sleep mode or switching user accounts won't restart the system so that the pending updates are applied.

Important! Pressing the power button on a tablet or laptop will make the device enter sleep mode. To apply updates, restart the system using any of the available methods (including the restart option in the anti-virus notification pop-up).


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