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Activation via a key file is only suitable for applications downloaded directly from Doctor Web's site (this method is not suitable for applications installed from the Play Market!).

  1. Copy the key file to any folder in the device's memory or to its memory card.

    You can extract the archive's contents and copy only the file with the *.key extension, or transfer the whole ZIP archive to your device;

  2. Open Menu (the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen)); select the License section, the I already have a license item, and the option Use a key file;
  3. Open the folder where the key file or ZIP archive was saved, and select it.

The key file will be installed in the system and a message notifying you about this will appear on the screen.

Activation error

If any error messages appear, try to activate your license using a different network connection.

If you continue to encounter problems, detailed diagnostics are required. Send a written request to our technical support service. Please attach the error screenshot to your request, and enter your serial number.


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