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If Dr.Web has detected a malicious program, one of the following actions can be applied to it:

  • Cure — Dr.Web can try to restore the infected file to its original state.
    In most cases, the "Cure" option will be unavailable. This action is only available for files infected with known, curable viruses. Trojans and compromised files found in other objects (archives, email files and file containers) cannot be cured.

  • Remove — a malicious object (file, script, email attachment, etc.) is permanently deleted.

  • Move to quarantine — if for some reason you want to save a file (for example, to send it to Doctor Web’s virus laboratory), you can move it to the secure quarantine folder where it will not be able to harm your PC.

  • Ignore — no action is taken. Choose this option only if you are completely sure that the threat is in fact a false positive.

Threat-neutralisation options have their limits:

  • Suspicious objects (seemingly infected files and files that supposedly contain malicious code) cannot be cured.

  • Threats that are not actually files (e.g., boot sectors) cannot be moved or deleted.

  • No actions can be performed with individual files in archives, installers or emails—in such cases, an action is applied only to the entire object.


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