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IMPORTANT! Do not allow anyone to register your license using an email account that belongs to someone else and is inaccessible to you! If they do, you will not be able to use our services (for example, to make technical support requests as a Dr.Web commercial user) and get the benefits associated with license ownership, including the right to renew at a discount.

If that happened:

  • contact the store where you registered your license, and try to find out what email address was used; or
  • contact Doctor Web's technical support service. Our support expert will have to make sure that it is the license’s owner who has contacted the technical support service. Before contacting the support service, please prepare a photo or scanned copy of the license certificate, the license receipt, an email from the eStore, or other documents that may serve as confirmation. We hope you understand that if John Doe is the registered owner of a license, but John Smith asks us to restore the registered email address, we will reject such a request in accordance with current Russian legislation. For more about who the owner of a Dr.Web license is, read here.

IMPORTANT! After the technical support service provides you with the email address that was used to register your license, immediately use the service to change the registration email address, and register the license to your email address.


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Doctor Web is the Russian developer of Dr.Web anti-virus software. Dr.Web anti-virus software has been developed since 1992.

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