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You are probably trying to renew a Dr.Web Security Space (Dr.Web Anti-virus) license, and purchased a Dr.Web box containing two serial numbers (or two licenses, each for one PC). When you were registering the first serial number from the box, you specified your old license’s serial number. As a result, you ended up with a new license whose term had 150 days added to it as a renewal bonus. Most likely, you tried to register the second serial number from the box and again specified the serial number from your old license. Since 150 days were already added to the term of your new license, Error 401 occurred when you tried to register the second serial number. Register the second serial number as a new license to which the renewal bonus does not apply.

Under the usage terms for a trial, you can only get a trial once a year. This error occurs if a user attempts to get another trial before an entire year has passed since their previous trial license expired.

This error occurs if a trial key file is transferred from one computer to another. This violates the usage terms of the trial.

  • If you need Dr.Web to protect a different computer, request a trial for that computer.
  • If you have already used your right to one trial per year per computer, and you wish to keep your system protected, purchase a Dr.Web license.

Register the serial number via our website. To add a key file to the anti-virus, follow the instructions found in the registration email you received.

IMPORTANT! To register Dr.Web serial numbers, always use an email address whose mailbox is accessible only to you. Doctor Web will be sending a key file with instructions on how to use it, and service messages about the status of your licenses to this address. You will need to use this address in order to contact our technical support service, get a renewal discount, and use the many other services available on our website.


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