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Virtual Support Engineer

Remote support from Doctor Web

If, after following the recommendations of our support engineers, your problem has not been solved, you can take advantage of our Virtual Support Engineer service, which will enable our engineers to connect to your computer using the TeamViewer utility and fix the problem.

The utility doesn’t require installation and provides instant access to the computer over the Internet. Access is protected by a specially generated login and password that become invalid as soon as the program is closed.

By downloading the utility, you agree to the service usage terms.

Virtual Support Engineer service usage terms

1. These terms regulate the use of the service, which Doctor Web provides to users in order to deliver technical support to their computers via a remote connection (hereinafter — the "Service").

2. By downloading the software used to provide the Service (hereinafter — the "Software") from Doctor Web’s site, you understand and agree to the following:

2.1. You are using this help service at your own risk.

2.2. The service is provided "as is" and "as available".

2.3. Doctor Web provides the Service with no warranty of any kind expressed or implied including the warranty of non-infringement of third-party rights. In particular, Doctor Web doesn’t guarantee that: 1) the Service will meet your requirements, 2) the Service and the Software delivered to you will operate in a timely manner, without interruptions, and be reliable and error-free, 3) any information you acquire by using the Service will be accurate and reliable, 4) any defects or errors of the Software provided to you as the part of the Service will be corrected.

2.4. You use any content downloaded or obtained in any other way by using the Service at your discretion and your own risk.

2.5. You are solely responsible for any damages done to your personal computer or data losses that occur as a consequence of using the Service.

2.6. You agree that the Service is not meant and cannot be used under such conditions and in such environments where failures, delays, errors or inaccurate information obtained by means of the Service may cause death or injuries or harm the natural environment. No guidance passed to you orally or in writing by Doctor Web, its employees or by means of the Service gives you any warranty other than those expressly defined herein.

2.7. Doctor Web is not liable to you for any direct, indirect, accidental or consequential losses, fines and lost profits resulting from: 1) the use of the Service, 2) any changes in the Service provisions, a temporary or permanent cease in the provision of the Service, 3) unauthorised access or modification of information transferred by you or stored on your computer, 4) deletion, damage or loss of access to your stored data, 5) any other condition caused in connection with the Service.

2.8. Use of the Service does not guarantee that operational errors and problems experienced by your software and/or computer will be corrected.