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Use the Contact Us widget in the top-right corner of the Portal page to contact our support service.


Click on the New ticket button to create a new ticket or open links to quickly access your previous requests:

  • Total [number] is the number of tickets that have ever been created in the Portal (associated with your company and created by its employees via the Portal). Tickets submitted by corporate customers are stored on the Portal indefinitely.
  • Active [number] indicates the number of tickets that Doctor Web’s support staff are currently working with as well as the tickets that haven't yet been closed by their respective initiators.
  • Latest [date] points to the most recently created ticket.

! Do not provide information about multiple unrelated issues in one request. Different issues may require the attention of different Doctor Web divisions, and each request can only have a single operator. If necessary, create multiple tickets. That way Doctor Web’s staff will help you solve your problems more quickly.


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