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In 2019, in connection with recent changes in Google’s policy regarding the use of permissions for SMS messages and calls, Dr.Web Security Space for Android Life was removed from the Google Play Store. The policy changes have affected the anti-virus products of all anti-virus manufacturers. Some vendors have removed the above-mentioned functionality, and others are offering SMS filters as a separate commercial application. Doctor Web strongly rejects taking such a course of action and believes that restricting mobile device users throughout the world from using important Dr.Web anti-virus features is a critical blow to their security. In this connection, Doctor Web decided to replace licenses purchased through Google Play with Dr.Web subscription-based licenses acquired via the SCC. This will allow our customers to continue using the Call and SMS Filter and the Dr.Web Anti-theft.

  1. Sign in at If you don't yet have an account, you need to register.
  2. In the form on the Dr.Web Mobile Life subscription page, enter the order number of your Dr.Web Security Space Life license on Google Play and the email address associated with this order.
  3. After your order information is verified, if such an order is found, you will be redirected to the My subscriptions page of your personal area of the Dr.Web Anti-virus service.
  4. In the Dr.Web Mobile Life subscription section, you can download a time-unlimited license to Dr.Web for Android. You will be able to access 5 links to use for 5 devices. A perpetual license gives you the right to use Dr.Web to protect from 1 to 5 devices.

If your order is not found automatically — contact Doctor Web's technical support service.


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