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Renewing a trial does not extend the term of the free trial period. Instead, it turns you into a commercial customer who is entitled to a number of advantages:

  1. Comprehensive technical support on any issue related to the operation of Dr.Web products.
  2. Free decryption of files compromised by encryption ransomware.
  3. The ability to use Dr.Web to protect their mobile devices free of charge (for users of Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus for home only).

There are two types of trial licenses: one for 30 days (for Dr.Web Security Space for Windows and Dr.Web Katana) and one for 3 months (for Dr.Web Security Space for Windows, and Dr.Web Anti-virus for macoS and Linux).

Apart from the two different validity periods, the following differences can be noted:

  1. Users can get the 30-day trial by downloading it directly from the Doctor Web site, without registering. To get the 3-month trial, users need to register on Doctor Web's site and fill out the customer application.
  2. The renewal discount does not apply to the 30-day trial; these users need to purchase a new commercial license at the full price. Users can renew the 3-month trial by purchasing a commercial license at a 40% discount.

Other features, including the technical and functional ones, are completely identical to each other and to the commercial version of Dr.Web — they have no restrictions with regards to system security, curing infections, and threat prevention.

You were probably using the 30-day trial, which is available without registering on Doctor Web's site. Users of this trial version are not eligible for any discounts toward the purchase of a commercial license.

However, you can get a renewal discount if you register for a 90-day trial license via our website and get a new serial number. Since customers can only use one trial key of any type within the course of one year, you will not be able to activate the trial key via the program, but you will be able to indicate it so that you can receive a renewal discount. To have the discount applied to your license purchase (follow this link), specify the serial number of your 90-day trial in the Your Dr.Web serial number section as the basis for your renewal, and you will get a 40% discount.

You can find more information on how to activate the license you purchased by referring to the corresponding section of the documentation:

To renew a 3-month trial license, you need to purchase a renewal for it. To learn how to do this, please refer to the documentation:

For Dr.Web for Linux and Dr.Web for macOS, instead of a renewal, you need to specify a new license (the key file or the serial number). To get a renewal discount, you need to purchase a commercial license by entering the serial number of your 3-month trial at You can then activate the license you purchased via the program. To learn how to do this, please refer to the documentation:

For Windows

After installing the program, open the License Manager and follow the link you need (for 30 days or for 90 days) in the Get trial version section.

For Linux/Mac

You can request a 30-day trial by clicking on the link Activate a 30-day trial period in the Registration Wizard.

Important! You cannot request a 90-day trial key directly via the program. To request a 3-month trial, follow the corresponding link specified below and register on Doctor Web's site. Then activate the key you received directly via the program:

Yes, you can register on Doctor Web's site and get a 90-day trial license. Since customers can use only one trial key of any type within the course of one year, you cannot activate it via the program, but you can indicate it so that it can serve as the basis upon which you are eligible to receive a renewal discount.

To receive a discount when purchasing a license (follow this link), specify your 90-day trial serial number in the Your Dr.Web serial number section so that it serves as the basis for the renewal, and you will get a 40% discount.

All products developed by Doctor Web come with comprehensive user manuals. To download a manual for the anti-virus installed on your PC, look for the product’s description in the Download section of Open a corresponding page and download the manual from the Documentation section.

If you can't find an answer to your question in the documentation, please go to the Frequently asked questions section or contact the Technical Support service.

This message means that the thirty day trial period is over. You need to either remove the anti-virus, or purchase a licensed version of Dr.Web.

Removing the program from your computer is not necessary. To turn a trial copy of Dr.Web into a licensed version, you need to purchase a license and register it. Right click on the Dr.Web icon in the system tray and select Register in the context menu. During registration you will need to choose the option Obtain a license key file with serial number. Once you have entered your serial number, a key file will be downloaded to your computer automatically. An Internet connection is required for registration.

No. In order to migrate to Dr.Web anti-virus at a discount provided under this programme, you need a commercial license for a different anti-virus. Find out more about the "Switch to the green!" programme here.

If you already have registered your serial number, do the following:

Right-click on the Dr.Web icon in the notification area. In the context menu, select Tools–> License Manager. In the License Manager you need to remove the demo license (key file drwdemo.key) and reboot the computer.

Trial licenses are bound to a system hash. During the OS update process, it changes, so you won't be able to use the old trial key any longer. To solve this, repeat the process of obtaining a trial license: request a trial version (you can use the same email address as before), get a new key, install the application and activate it. You can request a trial license only twice—if this limit is exceeded, you will only be able to get a new trial version next year.

This problem does not exist if you have a commercial license—so as an alternative way to resolve this, we recommend that you use the Renewal Wizard and turn your trial license into a commercial license at a 40% discount. The remaining period of the trial license will be added to the commercial license period.


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