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Each of the serial numbers must have validity of three months or longer.

  1. Click on the Dr.Web spider icon in the notification area. In the pop-up menu select License.
    The menu that appears while the license is still valid The menu that appears after the license has expired
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  2. In the subsequent License Manager window click the Buy or activate new license button.


  3. The Registration Wizard dialogue will open. Enter your first serial number.


    If you previously registered a license and it is still valid, its serial number will appear in the License Manager.


    To add the terms of your current license and new license together, select I will specify the previous license, and in the subsequent dialogue, enter the serial number of your current license.



    If the license's validity period is three months or longer and the new license will be valid for at least 12 months, 150 days will be added to your new license.

    • If your have a Dr.Web license whose period was three months or longer but the license already expired, select I don't have previous license and in the window that opens enter its serial number or specify its key file.



    • If you do not have such licenses, click on the link I do not have any previous license.
  4. Fill out the registration form, and click Next.


  5. Your license has been activated successfully. Press OK.


If two licenses are registered one after another for the same device:

  • The valid license will be blocked;
  • Doctor Web will add 150 days to the license you used for the renewal. And if you are renewing a license that hasn't expired yet, its remaining validity will be added to the new license period.


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