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Updates needed for Dr.Web to operate correctly on computers running outdated Windows versions

The Microsoft security updates that support SHA-256 must be installed in order for Dr.Web to operate correctly on computers running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. If, when installing or updating Dr.Web, you see a message informing you that your operating system does not support the SHA-256 hash algorithm, install the required update from the list below.

Install updates and SPs if they were not previously installed. You can install them manually (after getting them by following the links mentioned above) or via Windows Update.

The updates for working with SHA-256 may also be available in other Windows updates.

* The official service pack for Windows Vista is not provided but you can install the Windows Server 2008 service pack.

To find out your SP version, use these instructions.

To find out your KB version, use these instructions.

Note that the need to update is related to Microsoft's policy, which no longer allows third-party certification centers (DigiCert, COMODO, etc.) to issue certificates that can be used to sign modules for working in the Windows kernel. Only Microsoft can sign kernel modules with its WHQL certificate, which exists only in the form of the SHA256 version. More information can be found in the Microsoft documentation.

Dr.Web continues to consistently support outdated Windows versions.

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